Aiding in enhanced oil recovery

Huntsman products are helping the energy industry find and produce more oil and gas.
Our surfactants are being used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), giving new life to older oil fields and offsetting the need to drill in environmentally sensitive or politically unstable areas.

EOR involves injecting chemical agents into an oil formation to move trapped oil out of the formation.The potential for increased oil recovery is significant, as EOR can be used to extract up to half of the oil that is presently unrecoverable through conventional methods.
Currently, Huntsman is conducting a field trial with the University of Kansas and the U.S. Department of Energy on a new surfactant package designed to produce oil from a 40-year old field in central Kansas.

Huntsman also provides superior gas-treating amines that aid gas producers and crude oil refiner in the efficient and cost-effective capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) from refinery and natural gas streams to make products safe for domestic and industrial use. These same amines could be used by the energy industry for carbon capture and sequestration.

Environmentally friendly foamers

Huntsman is working to develop environmentally friendly foamers that aid in EOR.
Using the same biodegradable chemicals found in gentle shampoos, these foamers are designed to make CO2 more effective in recovering oil in less permeable regions.
The foamers enable drillers to extract more oil out of the ground using less CO2 in the process, which could be a game changer in making EOR more economical. Huntsman is currently testing these foamers in west Texas.

Enhancing alternative energy sources

Huntsman amine curing agents for epoxy resins are enhancing the capabilities of wind and solar energy.Our curing agents help to improve manufacturing efficiency and structural properties of newer, longer blades for producing wind energy. In fact, the majority of installed wind blades in the world today contain Huntsman amines.We are also researching ways our chemistry can make lighter, durable, more flexible and efficient solar energy panels.

In addition, Huntsman carbonates are helping to create better lithium ion battery technology to power electric cars and store more energy. This, in turn, will help increase the commercial viability of wind and solar energy.

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