A Legacy for Future Generations
The Huntsman Polyurethanes site in Cartagena, Colombia has stood as a source of support for the community since its operations moved to the area in 1997. Making a difference through positive industry impacts and real charitable actions, the facility’s goal is to leave a lasting legacy through continued philanthropic work that touches generations today and in the future.  
Leading by example, the site has enabled business growth through a first-class production facility and creates value through productivity increases, cost efficiency and waste management. Cartagena team members have also implemented more efficient processes and procedures to reduce maintenance and production costs.
The site has found meaningful fulfillment within the community through the establishment of the Huntsman Colombia Foundation in 2004. Located across the street from the production facility, the foundation is a tremendously valuable resource to the community, providing needed services to children and adults in four vital areas: health, housing, education and employment.
In 2012, the Cartagena site received the Huntsman Chief Executive’s Highly Commended Award for Innovation in Sustainability. As part of the award, prize money was donated to the Huntsman Colombia Foundation. The foundation used the donation to keep a local medical facility operating and for further outreach activity to continue servicing the needs of the community. For example, the foundation created a health campaign for medical professionals from the local medical facility to visit the homes of neighboring residents, as some local residents do not have the means to visit the medical facility or to pay for medical exams or medicine.
The foundation continues to help improve the quality of life of deserving children and adults even today. For more information about the foundation, visit www.fundacionhuntsmancolombia.org.