Enhanced Oil Recovery

Because the average oilfield yields only 30 to 35 percent of its potential, Huntsman works with leading multinationals and national oil companies to develop effective new chemical methods for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

With a dedicated team focused on surfactant development and molecular design, Huntsman's specialist formulations can be used to extend the life of an oilfield by extracting more oil than can readily be lifted during initial recovery.

Chemical EOR involves injecting a blend of specialty surfactants and water to emulsify trapped oil molecules and flush them free from rock capillary pores. The resulting emulsion is then lifted to the surface for further processing into crude oil and brine.

Our solutions can be customized to address wide variations in crude oil composition and geology, reducing risk in high pressure, high temperature and high saline environments both onshore and offshore. Huntsman offers chemical solutions for potential use with carbon dioxide (CO2) injection, another widely used EOR technique to extend the productive life of an oilfield.

Huntsman also provides superior gas-treating amines that aid gas producers and crude oil refiners in the efficient and cost-effective capture of CO2 from refinery and natural gas streams to make products safe for domestic and industrial use. The same amines may be used for carbon capture and sequestration, reducing greenhouse gas emissions attributed to climate change.

Biodegradable foamers for CO2 injection

Huntsman is working to develop biodegradable foamers for EOR applications, using the same environmentally friendly chemicals found in gentle shampoos. The foamers would not only help make CO2 more effective in less permeable regions, but would also reduce the amount of CO2 required in recovery. Testing is underway in West Texas. 


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