Lubricants play a critical role in engines and industrial equipment, minimizing friction between moving parts, reducing excess heat, improving power transmission and enhancing resistance to oxidization and corrosion. Huntsman Performance Products is a major supplier of raw materials and intermediates to the world’s principal lubricant manufacturers.


Learn more about our range of lubricant additives used in metalworking. 

Added to motor oils and hydraulic fluids, our amines, maleic anhydride and surfactants boost performance and control variable factors such as alkalinity, static and dust, emulsification; flotation; corrosion inhibition; dewatering and dispersion.

Huntsman is a major supplier of raw materials and active ingredients used to enrich fuel and lubricant additives. Our JEFFOX® fluids, including JEFFOX WL660 and WL5000, are used in hydraulic fluids formations. We also supply formulated brake fluids in select markets.

Gasoline Efficiency

Huntsman polyetheramines are the premium workhorse ingredients in many gasoline detergent packages to keep engines cleaner. They are used to prevent and clean deposits on portable fuel injected (PFI) and direct injection gasoline (DIG) injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers. Huntsman ethylene amines are vital building blocks in making polyisobytylene succinimides (PIBSI), the key components in detergent formulations for gasoline and diesel engines.

Cleaner EmissionsWe help customers to develop special amine molecules, new alkylates and sulfonic acids, supplying surfactants used as friction modifiers. Lubricant additives empower mechanical performance and increase fuel efficiency. Huntsman’s expertise in amine and surfactant chemistry facilitates our customers’ capacity to meet stringent OEM requirements and regulatory compliance.

• Our alkylates and sulfonic acids make up detergents that clean and neutralize oil impurities on critical engine parts.
• Our ethylene amines, maleic anhydride and ethylene carbonates are key building blocks for dispersants that suspend contaminants in oil, such as soot, to prevent coagulation.

Huntsman’s R&D teams continually innovate to develop better fuel and lubricant components for every type of engine, delivering solutions that drive performance and fuel efficiency for today’s fast-paced world.