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Our mining coagulants are designed for the treatment of fine particles in aqueous suspension. Polyether coagulants are one of the few solutions that are effective against the colloidal silica formed during acid leaching of slags or ores containing silicates. POLYSIL® RM 1250, POLYSIL® RM2050 and POLYSIL® RM 3560 coagulants are liquid products that offer an economic solution for the treatment of colloidal silica in a wide range of applications.

Read a recent technical paper presented by Huntsman's experts at the 28th International Mineral Processing Congress and published by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. Overcoming these and related mining challenges is key to operational success.

Drill rig in a mining operation

The natural silica found in minerals has a low aqueous solubility. When these minerals are digested in strong acids at elevated temperatures, large amounts of silicic acid are released; this can polymerize in solution to form colloidal silica. 

Colloidal silica in a hydrometallurgy process can interfere with flocculation and crystallization, and initiate CRUD formation in solvent extraction. Polyether coagulants have a ‘lock and key’ relationship with the surface of colloidal silica formed by the polymerization of silicic acid.

Coagulating the colloidal silica with POLYSIL® coagulants can improve process efficiency and reduce reagent losses by minimizing CRUD formation.

Our Products


Polyether coagulant effective against colloidal silica particles down to about 20 nm or 0.02 microns. Assists in more effective flocculation.


Broad range coagulant that can be used to coagulate silica and other fine particles. For example it can give enhanced coagulation response when iron bearing minerals such as goethite are also present.


Broad range coagulant that can improve the affinity for fine particle surfaces especially those that have a negative charge.


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