Mining Chemicals

Dust control and suppressants

Dust is a problem in every operation that involves crushing, screening, conveying, receiving and storage of dry bulk materials. Water sprays have long been used in an attempt to control dust. However, many dusts – particularly those that are very finely divided – are extremely resistant to wetting by water.

Some coal dusts in particular are very difficult to wet with water alone, but can be quickly and completely wetted by adding small amounts of wetting agents to the water. Adding a wetting agent to water aids dust suppression in two ways:
  • For a given quantity of water, more effective dust control is attained
  • For a required level of dust control, less water is needed.

This is an important consideration where water is scarce or it is undesirable to have excess water added to the material being treated.


Designed for immediate and long-lasting suppression of coal dust. Application points include dryer discharge, conveyor transfer points and loading facilities at mine, port and end user sites.


A coal car dust binder effective at binding surface coal dust into a cohesive crust.


Wetting agent designed to be added into the water used for laying dust on haul roads to improve moisture penetration and retention.


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