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Heat transfer fluids
Our GLYTHERM® G corrosion inhibiting heat transfer fluid was designed specifically for industrial cooling and refrigeration installations and moderately high temperature (<160°C) heat exchange systems. This unique monoethylene glycol-based formulation meets all major industry requirements.


For cooling installations, aqueous GLYTHERM® G heat transfer fluid is recommended. This has the advantage of lowering the freezing point. For high temperature heat exchange systems, GLYTHERM® G heat transfer fluid concentrate is used.


The benefits of employing GLYTHERM® G heat transfer fluids include:
  • Protecting circulating system materials such as mild steel, black iron, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminum and zinc from corrosion.
  • Having satisfactory stability and viscosity over the recommended temperature range.
GLYTHERM® G heat transfer fluid is essentially odorless, completely miscible with water and practically non-flammable. It has very low volatility, and offers excellent corrosion control.



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