Huntsman's functional amines, carbonates and polymer derivatives bring balance and stability to complex epoxy and isocyanate-based formulations. They make it easy to modify reactivity, improve dispersion, reduce viscosity and influence production, functionality and physical features such as gloss, tint acceptance, opacity, rheology and durability.

Our polyetheramines offer numerous opportunities to derivatize new molecules -- for example, by reacting with epoxides to form amino-alcohols, isocyanates to form ureas, carboxylic acids to form amides, and aldehydes to form amines. Products for waterborne coatings include surfactants, emulsifiers, wetting agents, stabilizers, humectants, dispersant intermediates and dispersants.


Key products
Anionic surfactants

SURFONIC® di-alkyl sulphosuccinates,
– excellent wetting agents, used for particle size control including development to remove the presence of organic solvent broad range of polymer types and foaming agents for rubber compounding, based on a range of fatty alcohols at different concentrations and physical forms

ALKANATE® P and W, and SURFONIC® PE phosphate ester derivatives