Engineering Plastics & Fibers

As a world leader in polyetheramine technology, Huntsman has developed new formulations that can modify and improve thermoplastic polymers such as polyamides (nylon), polyolefins, elastane (Spandex) and polyester. These polymers have properties that make them suitable for a wide variety of applications from the manufacture of fibers, films and membranes to engineering plastics.

Certain properties, such as flexibility, hydrophilicity, low temperature and surface energy, can be modified to meet growing global demand for innovative smart materials. In polyamides, elastane and polyesters, our amine chemistries can impart elasticity, 'breathability', improved hydrolysis resistance, better chemical resistance and antistatic properties.

With polyolefins, Huntsman formulations strengthen interpolymer adhesion and make surfaces easier to paint, dye or print. Sport shoes with extended fatigue performance, tubes with greater flexibility, cool-touch sportswear, water vapor-transmittable membranes, plastic parts with better coating properties are just a few of the improvements that boost performance.