Textile Softening Finish

Huntsman Formulations

Our polysiloxane fabric softeners apply the latest technologies, allowing you to build from custom specifications to a perfect finish for a range of fabrics and uses. We work with you to enhance dimensional stability, softness, repellence and fire retardancy, and reduce issues such as discoloration, static and build-up. Huntsman amines, polymers and chemical formulations help improve the pre-treatment, production and finishing of man-made and natural fibers -- ranging from cotton and cellulose blends, acrylic and polyamide, to polyester and nylon.

 Product Literature

The Story of Silicone Softeners

Imagine a soft cotton bath towel that won't dry, or a white shirt that turns drab yellow when ironed.

Silicone fabric softeners play an important role in the textiles we use daily. Pretreatment, dyeing and fixing processes make fabrics impossibly stiff and unappealing unless they are properly finished using corrective measures. Silicone softeners turn brittle fabrics into soft and pleasing textiles that we wear and use with comfort and ease.

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ALKANATE® series alkyl ether sulphates

SURFONIC® AG phosphoric esters