Our innovation capabilities

Product effects and functionality

If you are looking to enhance the performance or functionality of a particular product, tell us what you want to achieve and together we can make it happen – drawing on our extensive chemistry portfolio. Over many years we’ve mastered molecular science and learnt how to optimize the structure of our specialty chemicals to provide the functional effects our customers need. With more than 2000 products at our disposal – all with special  features – and the ability to derivatize many more, the possibilities are endless. Look at our Performance Products functionality matrix to find out more.

Our Innovation Capabilities

Product development

All types of innovation interest us, regardless of size. We’re happy to discuss projects where the volume thresholds will be low or to scale development quantities from jars to railcars.


Product development

Intellectual property (IP)

We pride ourselves on building long-term innovation partnerships. When embarking on a new product development cycle we think it’s essential to be up front about IP rights. It’s our way of ensuring there are no unexpected surprises or issues further down the line. We have adopted two successful IP models to protect innovation investments – yours and ours. To discuss an innovation project and how best to achieve the effects you need from a specific strand of our chemistry, please contact us.