Huntsman's surfactant trademark summary
Trademark Description
ALGENE®  Cationic surfactants, quaternary ammonium compounds 
ALKADET®  Alkyl polysaccharides 
ALKANATE®  Anionic surfactants, including ether sulphates, ether phosphates, sulphosuccinates and ether carboxylates 
BIONIC®   Specialty wetting agents and emulsifiers 
DEFOAMER™ Specialty defoamers for the pulp and paper industry 
ECOTERIC®  Oleo-derived nonionic surfactants, including sorbitan esters and polysorbates, alkyl polysaccharides, ethoxylates of natural alcohols and polyglycol fatty acid esters 
SURFONIC® PC  Specialty products for paper chemicals industry 
HARTASIST™ Specialty dispersants for petroleum production 
HYDRAPOL®  Surfactant specialties for the leather and textile industries, including woolscouring detergents, carding and combing lubricants, carbonising wetters, anti-redeposition agents and dye levellers 
HYDROL®  Polyalkylene glycol functional fluids.  Waste oil recovery reagents and fuel emulsion agents. 
OXAMIN®   Alkyl dimethyl amine oxides 
POGOL®  Polyethylene glycols 
POLYFROTH®  Froth flotation reagents for mining / mineral processing
POLYSIL®  Specialty coagulants and dispersants for minerals processing 
SURFOL®  Linear alcohols 
SURFONIC® CO series  Polyglycol esters of castor oil 
SURFONIC® DDP series  Dodecylphenol ethoxylates 
SURFONIC® DNP series  Dinonylphenol ethoxylates 
SUNFONIC® DOS series  Sodium dioctyl sulphosuccinates 
SURFONIC® E series  Polyglycol mono- esters of fatty acids 
SURFONIC® L series  Alcohol ethoxylates 
SURFONIC® LF series  Alkylene oxide based low foam wetting agents and detergents 
SURFONIC® N series  Nonylphenol ethoxylates 
SURFONIC® OP series  Octylphenol ethoxylates 
SURFONIC® PE series  Alkyl, alkyl ether and alkylaryl ether phosphates 
SURFONIC® POA series  Ethylene oxide - propylene oxide block copolymers 
SURFONIC® T series  Tallow amine ethoxylates 
SURFONIC® TX series  Specialty products for the textile industry 
TERIC® 100 - 600  Specialty surfactants and industrial process aids 
TERIC® A series  Alcohol ethoxylates 
TERIC® BL series   Alcohol alkoxylates, low pour point 
TERIC® DD series  Dodecylphenol ethoxylates 
TERIC® LA series  Alcohol ethoxylates, fluidised 
TERIC® M series  Alkyl amine ethoxylates 
TERIC® N series  Nonylphenol ethoxylates 
TERIC® OF series  Polyglycol esters of oleic acid 
TERIC® PE series  Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block copolymers 
TERIC® SF series   Polyglycol esters of stearic acid 
TERIC® T series  Polyglycol esters of tall oil fatty acids 
TERIC® X series  Octylphenol ethoxylates 
TERMUL®  Specialty emulsifiers and emulsifier formulations for agrochemicals 
TERSPERSE®  Specialty dispersants for agrochemicals
TERWET®  Specialty wetting agents and agrochemical adjuvants 
UNIBIND®  Series of products for mineral processing dust suppression 
UNIDRI® Series of mineral processing de-watering agents 
UNIFLOT® Series of sulfide promoters, coal and oxide mineral separators 
UNIFROTH® Series of mineral processing frothing agents 
UNIMAX® Series of selective iron sulfide depressants for use in base metal sulfide separation