20 Oct 09
Huntsman Convinces PUR Systems to Walk the Talk

Huntsman Polyurethanes continues to take a leading role in the European Diisocyanate and Polyol Producers Association’s (ISOPA) Walk the Talk safety program and has recruited a new ambassador for the scheme; PUR Systems GmbH.

Since joining Walk the Talk in 2006, Huntsman has continuously promoted the safer use of chemicals and trained over 80 companies to handle MDI-based materials with due care and attention. Now PUR Systems – the joint venture systems house acquired by Huntsman in November 2008 – will do the same, advocating best practice in the safe management of isocyanates to its customers.

To introduce Walk the Talk to the PUR Systems team, Huntsman organized a training workshop for the company’s senior and technical staff. Following the event in September, organized by Patrick Morton and Johan Piqueur, PUR Systems is now actively marketing the scheme to its own small and medium sized rigid PU customers. It is also identifying three organizations to undergo immediate formal training and will produce MDI safety panels for key customers to display in the workplace.

Christian Duve, Managing Director of PUR Systems said: “The polyurethanes industry has a very good safety record but there is always room for improvement, particularly further downstream. Many of the smaller companies we work with know how to handle MDI-based materials but would benefit from regular training about basic safety precautions and best practice. We look forward to working with Huntsman to encourage the highest possible behavioral standards among our customers through a structured program of information exchange.”

Nick Webster, European Vice President for Huntsman Polyurethanes said: “Huntsman was one of the original companies to sign up to Walk the Talk, which is now an integral part of our safety stewardship program. With many of our larger customers now participating in the scheme, we were keen to take our work to the next level.

“Having acquired a majority share in PUR Systems last year, the company was a logical recruit for Walk the Talk. Encouraging our system house partners to join the program means essential health and safety guidance can be passed to their customers, creating a multiplier effect downstream. We are delighted PUR Systems is embracing Walk the Talk with such vigor to become a new advocate for the program in its own right.”

Further information about ISOPA and Walk the Talk can be found online at: 

Any Huntsman Polyurethanes customer or partner wanting further information or interested in participating in Walk the Talk should contact Veerle Dufour at
The standard training package created by ISOPA and delivered by Huntsman, is available in 22 different languages and open to all customers of the polyurethanes industry.

Patrick Morton (Technical Liaison Officer) explaining the multiplier effect at PUR Systems










Patrick Morton (Technical Liaison Officer) explaining the multiplier effect at PUR Systems 

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