26 Apr 05
Smartlite advances provide greater production flexibility

In response to the growing demand from footwear manufacturers for high performance materials, the smartLite® team has introduced further enhancements to the smartLite soling technology range.  The new smartLite 660 material offers greater production flexibility through improved barrel stability on the production machine, a more advanced blowing system providing superior flow in the mould and a wider range of colour options.

smartLite materials provide extra cushioning compared to single density rubber while maintaining a high level of durability. With a density of 600kg/ m3 and a hardness 56 Shore A, smartLite 660 has a softer feel created using a unique chemistry, without the use of traditional phthalate plasticisers. In addition, this combination allows the shoe assembler to minimise surface preparation of the soles and yet achieve exceptionally high bond strengths to a wide range of upper and insert materials.

“Global footwear brands are looking for innovation and quality, while at the same time reducing the use of certain chemicals in the workplace.  This latest development of phthalate-free technology reflects the smartLite team’s commitment to these needs. We are constantly talking to footwear designers and manufacturers to identify future requirements to enhance our existing product portfolio. As a result, we have been able to develop a product that meets the market requirements,” says Bart Van Edom, smartLite project manager.

smartLite materials are injection moldable thermoplastics, meaning that production waste and sub-standard mouldings can be granulated and used back in virgin material.  smartLite 660 complements the existing commercially available grades: smartLite 304(A) for optimum performance with density as low as 600kg/m3 ; smartLite 344(A) for enhanced performance for complex mouldings and smartLite 305(A) for midsole/dual density soles with densities between 500 – 600kg/m3.

For further information vi sit The animated site displays technical and machine specifications, the technology’s features and benefits, together with information on the smartLite alliance.

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