Recycle, re-use & disposal

The product stewardship options for polyurethane products at this stage in the lifecycle are very much influenced by the activities at the first stage in the life cycle - product design and development.

We aim to create more environmentally friendly or safer products designed for waste avoidance, and to facilitate recycling or re-use wherever possible. This involves us working closely with customers, with our customers' customers and with trade associations.

When thinking about the end of a product's life, we need to differentiate between the chemicals that are used to make polyurethane products and the polyurethane products themselves. In both cases the avoidance and minimization of waste is best practice.

For some polyurethane products, recycling and re-use of residual waste is possible and is pursued where practicable. All polyurethane products are good sources of energy, which can be recovered when incinerated under well-controlled conditions.



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