Storage , packaging & distribution
Once manufactured, our products are stored - usually in tanks - prior to being packaged in drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or tank containers for delivery to our customers via road, rail or sea.

Again, EHS issues are paramount as chemicals can be hazardous if not managed correctly, and accidental leaks or spillages must be prepared for.

storage, packages & distribution

As with manufacture, there are extensive international, regional and national laws and regulations in place which govern what can and cannot be done. These cover the packaging, labelling and transportation of all our products.

Packages must always be clearly identified and if they are hazardous, such hazards must be highlighted.

Huntsman Polyurethanes employs contractors for all of its distribution, so their working practices are audited and monitored in similar ways as for other suppliers, to ensure that they maintain the highest EHS standards.

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