Use of chemicals
Once delivered to the customer's premises, our products - whether MDI or polyols - are used to produce some form of polyurethane product.

In handling these chemicals, our customers face some of the same EHS issues as we do when we are manufacturing, storing and transporting the products.

So we provide an immense degree of support, advice and information to customers to aid understanding of the products they are dealing with and help them to implement high standards of EHS performance in practice.

We endeavor to ensure that such advice is both accurate and up-to-date through continuous assessment of all new information and data.

The key product stewardship responsibilities at this stage in the product life cycle are -

  • joint assessment of customers' EHS systems and standards;
  • conducting product trials at customers' premises;
  • training customers in the management of our products;
  • conducting occupational hygiene and environmental surveys.

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