Deer Park, Australia
Deer Park warehouse

Huntsman Polyurethanes (Australia) Pty Ltd
Gate 3, Ballarat Road
Deer Park Victoria 3023
(Postal Address: Private Bag 1, St Albans DC, Vic 3021)
Phone: +61 3 9361 6000
Fax: +61 3 9361 6066


General Manager: 
Craig Lovel
+61 3 9361 6050



Servicing the Australian, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands, our manufacturing capabilities include polyol and prepolymer plants. These are fully supported by two warehouses, including hot and cold conditioning stores.

Our technical center provides a full range of product development facilities and customer technical support, focusing on providing tailor-made product solutions and value-added customer service. Sophisticated solutions are assured through close liaison with our global experts.

We supply to a diverse range of industries including footwear, appliance, automotive, coatings, adhesives, composite wood products, furniture, insulation, theme parks and the resources sector.

Products include flexible, rigid and semi-rigid foams, elastomers and specialised prepolymers.