Seoul, Korea
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Huntsman Korea (PU) Ltd
Polyurethane Sales
9th Fl., Dukmyung Bldg., 170-9
Tel.: +82 2 3404 6800
Fax: +82 2 556 3263



Local Commercial Manager: 
Jang, Sung Bok
+82 2 3404 6841



Our Korean team offers technical support service for both rigid and flexible foam systems primarily for the footwear, appliance and automotive sectors. The team operates a 1200MT polymeric MDI bulk storage tank in Ulsan port and delivers polymeric MDI throughout Korea using a tanker service.

Our business in Korea has also entered a strategic alliance with the country's leading polyurethane footwear systems supplier, Dongsung Chemical Company. The alliance aims to improve customer service and achieve an accelerated growth of the polyurethane footwear systems market, and brings together two companies with highly complementary portfolios. Huntsman is a world leader in outsole technology, while Dongsung has the same reputation for polyurethane mid-sole technology.