Rigid polyurethane foam is a highly effective thermal insulant widely used in appliances. It contributes significantly to energy conservation and therefore to combating climate change.
Rigid polyurethane foam -
  • is a versatile product
  • provides structural strength to the appliance
  • is a lightweight material
  • gives the manufacturer design freedom
  • has a very low thermal conductivity.

Huntsman Polyurethanes has been at the forefront of technology developments in polyurethane foam insulation for the appliance industry over the past 40 years. Examples include our pioneering work on cyclo-/iso-pentane as blowing agents and our VACPAC® Foam and panel technology.

We are committed to the ongoing development of product improvements, working closely with our customers.

Find out more about why polyurethane is an excellent insulant and product applications - either in general or specifically by region - as well as accessing our information library, which contains .pdf downloads of key product literature.

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