Visco elastic vibration damping

ACOUSTIFLEX® VEF application

Huntsman ACOUSTIFLEX® VEF and VEF+ are MDI-based Visco Elastic Foams with outstanding vibration damping characteristics for effective sound absorption in automotive applications, such as carpet back foaming. Both VEF and VEF+ are formulated systems, simplifying production and giving you the benefit of Huntsman’s development expertise.


The distinctive properties of ACOUSTIFLEX® VEF+ improve acoustics, raising both the level of comfort and safety in the vehicle. Thanks to its patented formulation, VEF+ features a unique ratio between hardness (CLD) and stiffness (E modulus), with one-half the stiffness expected of viscose foam at the same level of hardness. This means that VEF+ absorbs vibration better, which lowers noise levels, making it the ideal sound absorber. It also maintains its vibration damping properties, even at higher hardnesses, thus meeting the most stringent specifications of some of the most demanding, top performance automotive manufacturers.

Thanks to its unique characteristics, VEF+ can be used at lower densities than other damping pads – and completely eliminating the need for bitumic damping pads – resulting in lower mass and weight, and improved fuel efficiency. VEF+ also meets all current and target emissions levels of European OEMs.


Unique hardness/stiffness ratio
Improved acoustics
Low emissions
Fully-formulated system

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