Rigid, resilient roofliner

ACOUSTIFLEX® R application

ACOUSTIFLEX® R is a revolutionary new, rigid, acoustically resilient, PU foam, specifically developed for the automotive roofliner market. Thanks to its exclusive formulation, it is both rigid and sound absorbing, and can be shaped without breaking. One of the advantages of its unique structure is that it does not release debris following roof airbag deployment, thus enhancing passenger safety.

Because ACOUSTIFLEX® R is acoustically active it absorbs noise without the need for post-treatment (needle punching). It meets OEM roofliner density specifications, while providing better acoustic absorption than competing products. It is also significantly lighter (70% lighter than felt), and meets low emissions specifications.

ACOUSTIFLEX® R provides good thermal forming properties and deep draw potential, so it can be formed at sharp angles with good elongation, to fit any required roof shape. Moreover, sold as a system, its batch-block processing is much simpler and requires much lower capital expenditure than glass fibre set-ups.


Both rigid and sound absorbing
• Retains shape
• Lightweight
• Low emissions 
• Fire retardant
Simplified processing
Cost effective

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