Self-supporting acoustic bonnet liner

ACOUSTIFLEX® S is stiff, self-supporting MDI-based foam, typically used for the engine compartment as a bonnet liner, as well as for the engine-side dashboard and as a transmission tunnel insulator. It is lighter weight (up to 2/3 less) than competing fibrous materials and, yet, is stiff enough that it secures easily it to the bonnet, simplifying underhood assembly and increasing production efficiency for OEMs.




Huntsman testing indicates that components made with ACOUSTIFLEX® S perform better than a range of competitive materials, including fibrous materials. ACOUSTIFLEX® S withstands climate cycle tests for bonnet liners, including high heat and humidity, without shrinkage. Moreover, it can be formulated to meet a wide variety of fire resistance requirements, from MVSS 302 to non-burning. Sold as a system, its batch-block processing is much simpler and requires much lower capital expenditure than glass fibre set-ups.


Both rigid and sound absorbing
Retains shape
Low emissions
Fire retardant
Simplified processing
Cost effective

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