Heavy layers

Precise vibration absorption

Heavy layers

Our filled heavy layers for carpets, dashboard insulators and floor mats provide superior sound and vibration absorption, at the precise points where needed.

Carpets and dashboards

For carpets and dashboards, we provide both RIM (ACOUSTIFLEX® E) and sprayed technologies (ACOUSTIFLEX®  ES) with the spray offering the advantage of selective mass placement and acoustic design. This means that the mass and acoustic absorption properties can be increased at the precise points where needed most. The mass in the rest of the application can thus be lowered, for an overall weight savings. Plus, thanks to the simple tooling required, processing is low cost.


Targeted mass/acoustic design
Simplified processing

Floor mats

Our PU rubber-substitution RIM technology is the right choice for floor mats that stand out from the competition. Our PU RIM process gives you complete design freedom and color choice, combined with fast demold times, making Huntsman Polyurethanes the fitting choice for floor mats.

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