Conventional Foam

Advanced Comfort Foam

Superior comfort
Excellent durability

Comfort and durability no longer have to be a trade-off in seating foam. With Huntsman’s
patented ADVANCED COMFORT™ Foam technology, comfort and durability come together in an exceptional combination. This is thanks to the completely new pre-polymerized MDI chemistry used to obtain improved properties. The result is longer-lasting, dynamic comfort (more than 4x longer than conventional foam), with more elasticity.

Moreover, by virtue of ADVANCED COMFORT™ Foam’s unique structure, a superior level of comfort is achieved with only half the thickness of conventional foams. This means reduced bulk and weight, greater vehicle fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, opening up new vistas in seating technology. It also means that, because less foam is required, its end cost is competitive with standard foams.


Longer-lasting comfort and more elasticity
No change in comfort during ride
Very little height loss
No hardness increase over time
Reduced weight
Superior performance at competitive end-cost
Extremely low emissions (low odour)


ADVANCED COMFORT™ Foam is already used in the Audi A8 and BMW motorcycles.

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