Medium density fiberboard (MDF)

I-BOND® MDF MDI resins and I-RELEASE® for MDF

Product Benefits

Through innovation and a commitment to pioneering new technologies, we have become a key
supplier of MDI resins to the medium density fiberboard (MDF) market. I-BOND® MDF resins can be used in the production of MDF quality grades such as:

  • Exterior grade panels
  • Moisture resistant panels
  • Thin panels for flooring and door skins
  • Low density panels
  • High dimension stability panels

In addition, I-BOND® resins are formaldehyde-free. This means resulting panels are CARB I and CARB II compliant, and conform to European EPF-S and Japanese F**** (F 4 star) formaldehyde emission standards.


I-BOND ® MDF MDI resins product specifications 

I-BOND® MDF MDI resins
product specifications