Our products for rigid foam construction

Huntsman Polyurethanes offers an extensive range of RUBINATE® MDI-based isocyanate products. This range includes the highest quality grades of polymeric and Pure MDI, together with many variants and prepolymers tailor-made for specific uses in rigid and flexible foams, elastomers, coatings, adhesives and composite wood products.


We offer a wide range of JEFFOL® PO- and EO- based polyols for a range of polyurethane applications. This range includes rigid polyethers (including Mannich polyols), flexible polyethers and glycols. We also offer a first class range of aliphatic polyester polyols for elastomer and TPU applications.

Formulated Systems

Our  RUBITHERM® formulated systems are designed and tested to meet industry specifications and customer needs. Our two-component systems are used on high pressure processing equipment that combine two liquid parts which initiate the reaction of the components. The mixture is injected into a cavity whereby the liquid turns to foam and expands to fill the cavity. The foam solidifies, acts as the insulant and provides structural integrity for the composite in many applications. Rigid foam systems from Huntsman Polyurethanes use ingredients to provide superior products through our RUBINATE and RUBITHERM branded products. We combine our technology with numerous blowing agents to meet our customers' needs. The blowing agents include HFC 245fa, HFC 134a, CO2, hydrocarbons (isopentane, cyclopentane), and also - depending on country of manufacture - HCFC 141b, HCFC 22 and HCFC 142.


Aniline is the major feedstock in the manufacture of MDI. Huntsman Polyurethanes supplies the international merchant market with aniline as well as producing it for its own needs. Aniline and its derivatives (cyclohexylamine and di-cyclohexylamine) are also used in the pharmaceuticals, water treatment, rubber, dyes, agrochemicals, special fibers and synthetic sweeteners industries.

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