Construction Europe, Africa & Middle East

Rigid polyurethane foam is a highly effective insulant which is widely used in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, contributing significantly to energy conservation, and therefore combatting climate change.

It is versatile, provides structural stability, has high-vapor resistance and is lightweight, but above all, it has very low thermal conductivity.

Huntsman Polyurethanes has been at the forefront of technology developments in polyurethane foam insulation for construction over the past 40 years and is committed to the on-going development of product improvements working closely with customers.

Find out more about why polyurethane is an excellent insulant and the many product applications for which it is used, as well as accessing our information library, which contains .pdf downloads of key product literature. We also have a link to related websites, featuring relevant trade bodies and associations.

This section of the site addresses specifically our construction capability in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.