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Solid Process
Our leading-edge, fire-rated DaltoPIR® XHFR foam technology offers you the flexibility to quickly and efficiently manufacture different panel types, of varying thicknesses and achieve:
  • Improved foam wave stability
  • Better panel planarity
  • Increased line speed
Solid Product
Our DaltoPIR® XHFR foam technology offers a Bs1d0 rating in Single Burning Item (SBI) tests when combined with a suitable panel design. With a panel thickness of just 100 mm, a fire resistance of 30 minutes can be achieved. Using DaltoPIR® XHFR insulation technology, you will benefit from:
  • Low smoke and low heat release
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Good physical properties and low lambda values at competitive densities
Solid Results
Our DaltoPIR® foam insulation technology has been extensively tested for long-term durability. With excellent results in prominent durability tests - even at the highest temperatures - our DaltoPIR® insulation systems are designed to remain aesthetically pleasing over the long-term. Panels based on our DaltoPIR® Insulation technology offer:
  • Long-term durability
  • Product quality even in extreme temperatures
  • Safety and sustainability
  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Roofs and walls
  • Commercial and residential entry and garage door panels
  • Commercial refrigeration
Solid Solution
Our DaltoPIR® fire-rated PIR insulation technologies have been optimized to meet stringent international fire safety requirements and satisfy the needs of composite panels producers worldwide.
Product Range
*Typical properties stated above are to be considered as representative of current production and should not be treated as specifications.