The drive towards low VOC water-based paint systems          

Providing flexibility in a changing world            
In an increasingly environmentally aware world, coatings manufacturers are continuously developing more sustainable or ‘eco-beneficial’ paints.  Huntsman Pigments and Additives has developed solutions to help support their efforts.  Consumer requirements and demanding regulations aimed at reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have emerged around the world including US, European Union and parts of Asia. This is leading to a shift from organic solvents being replaced by water based formulations for coatings, including VOC free and low odour applications.  These low VOC paints are particularly suitable for use in hospitals, schools, homes and workplaces where good indoor air quality is desirable.

TIOXIDE® pigments designed for low VOC paints

Developed for compatibility with water based formulations - and qualifying for ‘Eco label’

The transfer from organic solvent to water based system presents an enormous challenge - reducing VOCs whilst maintaining high quality performance and durability is demanding.

At Huntsman Pigments and Additives we have created pigments specifically designed for low VOC and water based paints. The products we deliver can help our customers to deliver their own sustainability goals.  Paints containing TIOXIDE® pigments for low VOC and water based paints may also be able to qualify for Eco-label standards such as EU Regulation (EC) No 66/2010.  Our TIOXIDE®TR88 and TIOXIDE®TR85 pigments have been designed specifically for low VOC interior and exterior paints.







TIOXIDE®TR88 pigment has been optimized to provide an excellent balance of performance properties in a range of low VOC water based and solvent based paint systems.  It's a quality, versatile pigment that provides excellent color and opacity and good durability in a range of low VOC paint formulations, including quality interior matt and semi-gloss emulsions, exterior wood finishes and masonry paint.








TIOXIDE®TR85 pigment offers rapid wetting and dispersion to provide waterborne paints with very high gloss, high opacity and excellent color.  It's ideally suited for tinted paints where color acceptance is an important property.  With its high level of durability this product is recommended for exterior as well as interior finishes where gloss retention is essential

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