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09 Jul 15
Huntsman Textile Effects to support Argo Pantes in reinforcing its business leadership

Enhancing economic and environmental sustainability for increased profitability



 Indonesia – With mounting economic and environmental pressures surrounding the textile industry, Huntsman Textile Effects continues to help mills mitigate the toughest industry challenges with its Productivity Improvement Program (PIP).

Embarking now on this PIP is PT Argo Pantes Tbk, the flagship company of the textile division of the Argo Manunggal Group, one of Indonesia’s largest business enterprises. As a leading textile mill that is fully integrated across the textile production process, Argo Pantes seeks to reinforce its business leadership through enhancing economic and environmental sustainability for increased profitability.

By working with technical experts from Huntsman Textile Effects, Argo Pantes will be able to enhance existing best practices and optimize operational processes for greater product yield and quality. The plant will also adopt technologies such as NOVACRON® C dyes and CLARITE® ONE all-in-one pretreatment that can deliver high performance while providing economic and environmental benefits.

Implemented in many mills around the world, Huntsman Textile Effects’ PIP has delivered significant improvement in productivity and up gradation in quality. The PIP has also been capable of helping mills increase their output by 30% or more based on existing plant capacity and improve their right-first-time performance.

Mr. Deepak Anand, President Director, PT Argo Pantes Tbk, said, “As a leading textile mill committed to product excellence in compliance with the most stringent industry standards, we look forward to working wi th Huntsman Textile Effects as a trusted partner in strengthening our position as a preferred choice of brands and retailers around the world.”

Mr. Chuck Hirsch, Vice President of Commercial and Technical Resources, Huntsman Textile Effects, added, “The textile industry holds a significant role in Indonesia’s manufacturing sector. Staying competitive requires mills to have the best technical know-how, efficient operations and optimum product quality with a focus on economic and environmental sustainability. The strength of this partnership is that Huntsman Textile Effects will work closely with Argo Pantes to help them meet both economic and environmental sustainability while helping them stay highly competitive in the marketplace.”

With rising costs and increasing competition from foreign companies, Indonesian textile manufacturers continue to make significant plant investments to streamline their supply chains, complement their upstream or downstream activities and align themselves with international industry standards such as ISO 9001. Huntsman Textile Effects is proud to support local mills in this strategic initiative that will enable the Indonesian market to attract more leading global fashion brands with quality assurance, sustainable practices and competitive prices.

NOVACRON® and CLARITE® are registered trademarks of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all countries.


Photo Caption:
Signing ceremony between Huntsman Textile Effects and PT Argo Pantes Tbk
From left to right:

Mr Dheeraj Talreja, Commercial Director (NESE Asia), Huntsman Textile Effects
Mr Chuck Hirsch, Vice President, Commercial and Technical Resources, Huntsman Textile Effects
Mr Deepak Anand, President Director, PT Argo Pantes Tbk
Mr Jay Naidu, Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Planning, Huntsman Textile Effects
Mr Herwanto Sutanto, Commissioner Chairman, PT Swisstex Naratama Indonesia

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