About Us

Pioneering a Sustainable Textile Industry

We believe in a clean, compliant, ethical and thriving textile industry. This involves empowering our customers and stakeholders to make informed decisions on product choices and for a sustainable future. At Huntsman Textile Effects, we are committed to bringing innovations in textile dyes to customers around the world, offering sustainable solutions that deliver quality excellence and meet ecological requirements.

Through product innovation and a commitment to safe work practices, we support the needs of our consumers and the communities in which we operate. Whether its providing intelligent effects such as built-in freshness, sun protection or state-of-the-art dyes which reduce water and energy consumption, Huntsman Textile Effects has been delivering textiles innovation to make life that more enriching in people's lives.

As the leading global provider of high quality dyes and chemicals to the textile and related industries, sustainability, innovation and collaboration are at the heart of what Huntsman Textile Effects does.

Using cutting-edge technology to develop customized solutions and create innovative products, we continually strive to meet the needs of our customers and play a proactive role in driving a more sustainable textile industry.

Key Facts and Figures

  • Leading global textile chemicals, dyes and inks business
  • Selling into more than 90 countries
  • Serving over 10,000 direct and indirect customers worldwide
  • Operations in 90+ countries; manufacturing in 6 countries (China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand)
  • 800 Worldwide Patents, 200 new products in last 5 years
Key Market Segments

Key Market Segments

Key Segments