Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability in Action

Sustainability In Action

Huntsman Textile Effects runs an annual 'Sustainability in Action' program to support World Environment Day and reinforce our 'we see a better world' focus. This company-wide effort spans the globe to promote environmental sustainability through community activities.

In 2014, Huntsman Textile Effects mobilized more than a quarter of its 3,000 associates at major facilities in eight countries. Clocking over 1,500 hours, these local Huntsman Textile Effects teams organized and conducted a range of activities, including:


  • Tree planting in Atoto, Mexico; Baroda, India; Bogota, Columbia; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Istanbul, Turkey and Mahachai, Thailand

  • Hazardous household waste collection and safe disposal drives in Atoto and Bogota

  • Recycling initiatives in Guatemala City, Istanbul and Singapore

  • Community education programs in Baroda, Bogota, Istanbul and Panyu


The 2014 Sustainability in Action program included in-house workshops and sustainability programs and a global Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) initiative. More than 3,000 sustainable canvas bags were distributed to Huntsman Textile Effects associates and contractors worldwide after a global poll to select a bag design.

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