Cooperating to Lead the Industry Transformation

Huntsman Textile Effects is helping to lead the change in the textile industry through state-of-the-art innovation and strategic alliances with key industry stakeholders. We collaborate with partners that share our commitment to providing innovative, integrated textile solutions that add value to the consumer and drive sustainability in the textile supply chain.

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Transformational Partnerships

Towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)

With our industry partners, we have developed a list of dyes and chemicals that comply with the ZHDC Joint Roadmap, supporting mills to supply compliant textiles to top global brands and retailers.

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China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)

Supporting China’s textile sector, we have two major initiatives with CNTAC: the China National Color System and the Fabrics China Swing Tag assurance program.

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Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)

As a founding member of SAC, we are helping build on the Higg Index to enable companies to evaluate the environmental and social impact of their products.

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Groundbreaking Alliances

Chemours Collaboration: Short-chain Chemistry

Huntsman Textile Effects and Chemours are working together to lead the industry transition to short-chain C6 chemistry products through such innovations as PHOBOL® CP.

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Huntsman DuPont

DyeCoo Alliance: Waterless Textile Dyeing

Huntsman Textile Effects and DyeCoo Textile Systems have jointly developed Supercritical CO2 textile processing technology that eliminates water in the textile dyeing process.

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Sustainability, Innovation, Collaboration