Improving Products and Productivity

Huntsman Textile Effects drives innovation through our world-class Research & Technology facilities, production plants and consultancy services. We focus on meeting the needs of customers with cost-effective solutions that support them to maximize competitiveness and minimize environmental impact.

Our innovative dyes and chemicals consistently produce right-first-time results and help to optimize and shorten the manufacturing process. As a result, our customers can save costs, enhance productivity, reduce waste and conserve water and energy.


  • 1,100+ active patents

  • 30 innovative products released each year

  • 5% of sales revenue spent on innovation

  • 25% of products less than 5 years old



Innovation In Action


  • Revolutionary range of poly-reactive dyes for cellulosic fibers and their blends

  • Up to 50% less water and energy, and up to 20% less salt, used during dyeing

  • Highest reproducibility in the shortest time for increased productivity

  • Covers the entire shade gamut from the palest to the deepest and darkest shades

  • 2014 ICIS Innovation Awards: overall winner and Innovation with Best Benefit to Environment or Sustainability Award

  • 2013 Environmental Leader Technology Reviews: 5-stars rating for Excellence in Technology and Innovation


  • Advanced range of fluorine-free hydro polymers developed to allow fabrics to provide rain protection and stain management

  • Suitable for a wide range of textile end uses: rainwear, active wear, workwear, technical fabrics (awnings, tarpaulins, boat covers, outdoor furnishings, shower curtains)

  • Complements the PHOBOL® CP range of short-chain C6 chemistry products

Digital Inks

Digital Print
  • Market-leading NOVACRON®, LANASET®, TERASIL®, LYOSPERSE® and ERIOFAST® inks certified by the major print head manufacturers

  • Vivid colors; high visibility

  • Outstanding durability against heat and light

  • Excellent stability, runnability and reproducibility

  • Suitable for a wide variety of end uses in the apparel and fashion, swimwear, home textiles, signage and automotive sectors

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