Digital Printing

Reactive Inks


Ink type : Disperse inks for digital printing
Fiber : Polyamide
Application : Digital printing on plotters and industrial machines

TERASIL® DI HL inks are designed to produce bright and deep colors in the complete gamut of shades for the home textiles and outdoor segments. They offer high lightfastness and meet automotive-fastness standards.

TERASIL® Yellow DI HL-5100 TERASIL® Blue DI HL-5500
TERASIL® Bright Yellow DI-5110 TERASIL® Grey DI HL-5700
TERASIL® Golden Yellow DI-5120 TERASIL® Black DI HL-5800
TERASIL® Pink DI HL-5300 TERASIL® Jet Black DI-W 1000
TERASIL® Violet DI HL-5400