Reactive Dyes


Dye type : Metal-free (except Navy M and Black M) acid reactive dyes

The ERIOFAST® dye range was especially developed for dyeing intense brilliant shades with highest wetfastness properties on polyamide/elastane (PA/EL) fiber blends, whenever conventional dyes show limitations in build-up and fastness (such as microfiber).

Selected products in the range have high light fastness properties and achieve outstanding light fastness levels even in highly brilliant shades. The perfectly compatible dyes enable the highest requirements to be met on all PA textiles, especially in bright intensive shade areas and for black shades. The innovative, patented "ERIOFAST-micro" exhaust dyeing process allows deep shades to be achieved, including on full-dull micro-denier PA, with outstanding washfastness (color blocking) even at the highest temperatures encountered in home and industrial laundering.