Acid Dyes


Dye type : Half-milling acid dyes (except Black and Turquoise)

ERIONYL® A are mono-sulfonated and di-sulfonated acid dyes with medium-to-good migration and leveling properties. On silk (SE), these dyes are noted for high shade intensity and are used mainly for bright shades where LANASET® have limitations.

Silk is mainly dyed neutral (weakly alkaline to very-weakly acid) for maximum leveling. Lower pH promotes exhaustion but increases the risk of unlevelness, so it is restricted to deeper shades. When dyeing in the alkaline-to-neutral condition, exhaustion of the bath can be improved by gradual addition of salt towards the end of dyeing. Initial absorption of dye is very rapid so the "first strike" must be controlled by starting at low temperature, 20°C –30°C, and using an effective leveling agent. ALBAFIX® ECO (cationic fixing agent) can be used as an after-treatment to improve wetfastness.


Dye type : Acid milling dyes

ERIONYL® B are di-sulfonated acid dyes for very bright and brilliant shades with good wetfastness and lightfastness properties. They are mainly used individually for brilliant self-shades, rather than as trichromatic elements. The dyeing procedure is the same as for ERIONYL® A dyes, with after-treatment with ALBAFIX® ECO used to improve wetfastness.