Reactive Dyes


Dye type : Wool reactive dyes

LANASOL® dyes contain α-bromoacrylamide reactive groups that react with the amino groups of wool fiber and provide excellent wetfastness to meet the machine-washable wool requirements of the Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Woolmark standard.

LANASOL® dyes have good leveling properties when used with ALBEGAL® B in slightly acidic conditions. A wide shade range can be covered with the trichromatic dyes LANASOL® Yellow 4G, Red 6G and Blue 3G. These dyes have excellent lightfastness (even for pale shades) and very good fiber levelness.

Major applications include yarn dyeing (package and hanks), particularly in the chlorine-Hercosett process for machine-washable wool, loose stock and top dyeing.


Dye type : Wool reactive dyes

LANASOL® CE dyes are especially designed to achieve economical deep shades with highest wetfastness. They are ideal to replace chrome dyes. LANASOL® Yellow CE or Golden Yellow CE-01, Red CE and Blue CE are recommended for tri-chromatic dyeing of deep shades. A variety of LANASOL® Black CE dyes replaces chrome dyes with better fiber preservation and similar shades and fastness. With MIRALAN® LTD, even black shades can be dyed at 90°C.


Dye type : Wool reactive dyes

A strong deep greenish black, like C.I. Mordant Black 9 (Chrome Black PV), LANASOL® Black NSC can be shaded with all LANASOL® CE and LANASOL® dyes, particularly LANASOL® Deep Black CE-R. An ideal and very economic shading element which covers the full palette of typical intensive deep blacks on wool, it finishes with a very small bluish/greenish shade change, similar to chrome black, allowing easy and trouble free re-matching of old chrome recipes.