Color fastness (multiple dyes types)

Achieving the right color on polyamide, wool and wool blends

Very pale and pastel shades up to medium depth (PA)

ERIONYL® acid dyes are ideal for combinations and bright fashion shades. They exhibit good wet fastness up to medium shade depths, high migration and leveling and perfect coverage of physical barriness. LANACRON® N dyes are ideal for very pale underwear shades with fastness to multiple washing and excellent levelness.

Deep dull shades (PA)

The LANASET® dyeing system is a versatile and comprehensive system for dyeing and printing wool, polyamide and silk. This pattern card provides recommendations for dyeing wool and wool blends. The range comprises modified, tinctorially strong 1:2 metal complex, acid and reactive dyes with high wet- and light-fastness. The dyes cover the shade spectrum systematically. Almost all fashion shades can be produced economically using simple combinations of these dyes. Nearly identical dyeing properties and high exhaustion result in excellent compatibility and reproducibility.

Intense bright shades and blacks (PA)

ERIOFAST®, an acid reactive dye range developed for polyamide, achieves the highest wet-fastness and outstanding light-fastness levels even in highly brilliant shades on PA/EL fiber blends. The perfectly compatible range meets the highest requirements (e.g. color blocking) on all polyamide textiles especially in bright intensive and black shade areas. The innovative, patented “ERIOFAST®-micro” exhaust dyeing process achieves deep shades and outstanding wash-fastness even to the highest temperatures encountered in home and industrial laundering.