Fresh as the morning dew

High IQ Freshness on Demand works such that small "capsules" are bonded to cotton during fabric processing. With laundering, the capsules are charged with the scent from the detergent or fabric conditioner. During wear, these scents are slowly released, particularly when moisture and temperature increases, providing the wearer with a lasting, just-laundered scent. And, this benefit is renewed with each home laundering. Consumers determine the scent of choice as garments are recharged with the scent of the detergent with every wash.

High IQ Active Freshness for a fresh feeling the livelong day. Integrated antibacterial deodorant properties inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for unpleasant body odor and staining after physical activity. The active ingredient is incorporated similarly to a colorless disperse dye and stored in the fiber from which it diffuses to the surface protecting the fabric from staining and odors caused by the bacterial decomposition of perspiration from developing.