High IQ®

Intelligent effects

Representing innovation and quality, High IQ® is designed to add value to the consumer and the entire textile processing chain. The first comprehensive global branding program for textile colors and effects, High IQ® is the breakthrough in intelligent effects.The branding program consists of the following effects

active comfort Active Freshness Clean and dry
Active ComfortTM Active Freshness Clean and Dry Comfort
Cool comfort Easy care plus Freshness on demand
Cool Comfort Easy Care Plus Freshness on Demand
Lasting Color Sun protection Sun protection for kids
Lasting Color Sun Protection Sun Protection for Kids


For customers

  • Assurance of reliable quality
  • Innovative, high-performance effects
  • Value for money

For brands and retailers

  • Assurance of reliable quality
  • Added value to the garment with innovative effects
  • An attractive hangtag giving a clear message to the consumer
  • Deliver and support innovation with more new effects

For Mill

  • New opportunities for differentiation
  • New effects and performance standards to keep them ahead of the game
  • Clearly defined specifications
  • Technical support provided by Huntsman's extensive global network