Huntsman, Product Highlights


High Performance Fixing and Reserving Agent for Polyamides and Blends

ERIONAL® EFR ERIONAL® EFR is the newest addition to TE’s dyeing auxiliaries for polyamide in DA WPP. It complements our current product offering by adding the capability to achieve maximum improvement and permanency of wash and wet fastness properties.ERIONAL® EFR is an after-treatment agent for dyed and printed fabrics made of polyamide fibers and microfiber in exhaust and continuous application. It is also a superior reserving agent for use in dyeing polyamide/cellulose, wool/cellulose and polyamide/wool blends. Key benefits of ERIONAL® EFR include:
  • Improved performance during daily use and washing of active wear
  • Meets Brand and Retail standards and end use specification for wet fastness requirements
  • Minimal influence on bright shades
  • Clear printing without bleeding on white background
  • Robust chemistry for hassle-free application in mills