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Industry’s best-performing protective agent against phenolic yellowing


STABILON® NPY is our latest high performance protective agent for polyamide and blends. It complements our current product offering by adding the capability of achieving maximum improvement, permanency of washing and superior processing capability due to reduced foaming tendency.

Application of STABILON® NPY protecting agent on polyamide can help prevent yellowing during storage and provides the most effective Non-Phenolic Yellowing capability when tested according to the Courtaulds Phenolic Yellowing test.


STABILON® NPY is suitable for simultaneous application with whitening agents and dyes. It is also suitable for all exhaustion machines and processes for polyamide and blends.

Key benefits of STABILON® NPY include:
  • Low Foaming
  • Preventing fibers from adsorbing or staining by nitro-phenolic derivatives of butyl-hydroxy-toluene (BHT)
  • Permanent and reproducible effects
  • No impairment of fastness properties
  • No influence on bright shades or full white, secures required quality standards
  • Robust chemistry provides trouble free application in mills 

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