Huntsman, Product Highlights


Redefining sustainable high performance polyester dyeing

PHOBOL® CP-CR Introducing UNIVADINE® E3-3D, our next generation diffusion accelerant specifically developed for high temperature dyeing of polyester, microfibers and blends including PES/EL, PES/CEL and PES/WO in jets and circulating liquor machines. Additionally suitable for dyeing polyester fibers in tightly wound or high-density packages. UNIVADINE® E3-3D diffusion accelerant significantly improves the dyeing performance by enhancing three key dimensions (3D) in the processing – diffusion, on-tone leveling/retarding and migration. Active Diffusion Technology – our benzyl benzoate-free chemistry is at the core of UNIVADINE® E3-3D and gives it the unique ability to synergistically improve all three key parameters of the dyeing process. Benefits:
  • Enables dyeing of polyester fibers in tightly wound or high-density packages
  • Increases reproducibility without the need for additional leveling agents
  • Suitable for jet applications without the need for anti-foaming products
UNIVADINE® E3-3D is the latest addition to the dyEvolution™ dyeing auxiliaries range – Huntsman’s commitment to an environmentally and economically sustainable textile value chain through its range of high performance products.