New Groundbreaking Reactive Black Dye free* from restricted arylamines (including PCA)
AVITERA® Black SEUntil now, the hazardous substance para-chloro-aniline (PCA) has been a potential impurity within reactive black dyes. Huntsman Textile Effects has now developed a groundbreaking new reactive black dye AVITERA® Black SE to address this.

Independent analytical test institutes confirm that this innovative dyestuff is free* from restricted arylamines, including PCA, to meet increasingly stringent environmental standards.

AVITERA® Black SE is a solution for dyeing black shades sustainably at top performance.

It enables mills to meet the strictest environmental standards while increasing productivity and profitability:
  • Reduces water, energy consumption and C02 emissions by up to 50%
  • Low temperature, high speed wash-off performance for shortest possible processing time and highest productivity
  • Minimizes process costs for increased productivity by up to 30% without additional capital investment
  • Excellent for fabrics that require the highest chlorine-fastness and good light-fastness (as compared to currently available black dyes)
  • Supports mills in exceeding environmental legislation targets for differentiation from competitors
  • Free* from restricted arylamines including para-chloro-aniline

An extension to the award-winning AVITERA® SE dye range, the new AVITERA® Black SE dye meets tighter and stringent restrictions on hazardous substances in supplied products and treated textile articles, including OEKO-TEX®, bluesign, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals and the Restricted Substance List (RSL) standards of the world’s premier brands.

* Current detection limit 5ppm

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