AVITERA® Brilliant Colors SE

Play up the colors and stand out from the crowd with the myriad of exciting colors from the AVITERA® SE Brilliant dyes series!
AVITERA® Brilliant Colors SECost-effective and environmentally sustainable, let the colors from the AVITERA® SE Brilliant dyes dazzle with its brilliancy and superior light and chlorine-fastness as it addresses brands and retailers’ pressing need today to match intense shades with the highest efficiency.

Expand the possibilities and create mesmerizing turquoise Caribbean colors and all shades of green through the AVITERA® SE

Brilliant dyes and eCool70 concept, both derived from the same groundbreaking AVITERA® SE technology.

Let your creativity become a reality with AVITERA® SE Brilliant dyes!

Key Benefits:
  • Exceptional and intense bright range of brilliant, light and chlorine fast colors based on groundbreaking AVITERA® SE technology
  • Competitive value-add for market differentiation
  • Excellent operational and economic excellence
  • Remarkable environmental sustainability benefits; meeting stringent industrial environment requirements including Restricted Substance List (RSL’s)

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