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Move away from chrome dyes without risk of shade change in fabric finishing

lanasolExperience the highest fastness levels, color strength with No Shade Change. LANASOL® Black NSC dye provides the same high performance like chrome black in finishing / decatizing which helps to avoid expensive reprocessing and its new granular formulation makes for easy handling and exact measurement in the color kitchen. This most improved, economic and easy to use reactive dye is the perfect replacement for chrome black for wool. High flexibility to match all type of typical black shades on wool by shading with other LANASOL® CE dyes and LANASOL® Deep Black CE-R dye. The granular formulation shows very low dusting, for easy and exact manual weighing, also ideal for automated dosing systems. Same fastness level as chrome dyes and economic product with very high color strength. The LANASOL® Black NSC has similar shade change in finishing like chrome dyes. It is an economic product with very high color strength with it being the most convenient LANASOL® Black dye to move away from chrome dyes. Its granular form allows easy handling in the color kitchen and technical support provided by Huntsman experts allows a smooth and trouble-free transition of recipe production.

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