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Technology Competitive, cutting-edge disperse dyes for polyester

TERASIL ® TCTrue to its name, TERASIL® TC is a Technology Competitive, cutting-edge disperse dye range for polyester. Designed to offer outstanding economy and shade reproducibility for polyester, polyester/cotton, even microfiber and elastane blends. TERASIL® TC is a robust, economical and comprehensive disperse dye range for exhaust dyeing of polyester. It achieves Right-First-Time performance through excellent compatibility of the dyes and stability to reduction. With highest level of productivity in exhaust dyeing through excellent shade reproducibility, TERASIL® TC is bluesign® certified and meets all major brand RSL requirements. TERASIL® TC range benefits include good all round fastness performance, excellent stability to reduction, exceptional leveling properties, very good light fastness providing high shade durability, fast exhaustion at 130 degree Celsius and wide pH stability.

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