Acid inks

High color density

Industrial ink jet printing

ERIOFAST® XKS high color density inks cover a large range of vivid bright and colorful shades that are suitable for cellulosic fibers, silk and polyamide. They are specially formulated for high speed ink jet printing, and are chemically compatible and fully tested on Kyocera heads. These provide higher flexibility by using only one machine for various substrates. Shorter steaming and easier washing-off processes for silk and polyamide with no staining of white ground.

Ink jet printing

LANASET® SI HS and LANASET® XKS inks are based on cutting edge acid dye chemistry and are ideal for digital printing on polyamides with acid inks for flags and banners, as well as for swimwear. An innovation from the Huntsman inkjet group, these ecological water-based acid inks are designed for high speed printing on wool, polyamide and silk. LANASET® SI HS facilitates the transition of short runs and customized orders from screen printing to a more ecological and sustainable digital printing method. These inks have been successfully tested under industrial conditions on a wide range of printers and have excellent runnability and shade stability with no impact on the print head life cycle.